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helping you find dance video’s around Europe - hosted by IALS Rome

The European Dance Video Navigator is an online tool to discover and locate dance videos in different collections across Europe. It is a cooperative project initiated in 2006 by ENICPA.
This project aims at:
· making existing collections easier to find in the Internet
· making dance videos more easy to find across institutional databases
· generating more public interest for these special collections
· and intensifying the cooperation between the custodians

To achieve this, ENICPA members have developed a central database linking to the partners’ online catalogues. The central database is harvesting a customized RSS-feed from the partners’ webserver. Exchange of video material is not part of the technological setup. Users are expected to address their needs at the institutions holding the material.
Understood in advance is that the Internet presence should only provide core data, and that full detail is available through the reference to the catalogue of the respective archive.
By the same token this does not concern an exchange of standards, but simply a harvest of very basic information (for example: name of choreographer, title of the piece, year of the production, and production location).
To simplify incorporating the active archive into this presentation and update the central online catalogue at the same time, an automatic update function will be developed, which operates using RSS technology.

The concept for this project was originally drafted by Michael Freundt. The RSS solution is a proposal from Luciano Brogi, developed by Andrea Marinucci Foa, realized for ENICPA by IALS.