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This project is currently run by these organisations:

Initially, only ENICPA members can join the project. From 2008 onwards, the project partnership will be broadened. Interested parties should contact ENICPA (Michael Freundt).

Partnership principles:

1. financial agreement
Partners should provide in a functional website with deep-linkable pages for each individual dance video. Partners should also cover the cost of setting up the rss extraction scripts. ENICPA provides the software at no cost and guides the partner through the setup.

2. responsibility and answerability (intellectual property, privacy, personality rights, etc)
Partners are fully responsible for their online publication of dance video information and fully answerable to third parties. In case of dispute, partners will not shift responsibility towards each other nor towards ENICPA.
ENICPA only lists hyperlinks to existing webresources and cannot accept any responsibility for their contents.

3. service garantees
The project is in testing phase and should not be expected to be 100% reliable at all times. Server downtime and software malfunction are part of the project development and can not be seen as wrongfull acts by ENICPA. When reported to ENICPA, problems cannot be expected to be solved immediately.